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Red Light Therapy Benefits

Over the years, it has become apparent that a large percentage of the population is not getting enough sunlight. This means that they are missing out on all the health benefits associated with time in the sunlight. However, there may be a way to offset these issues through photobiomodulation, or as it is more commonly known, light therapy.


The Science


Red light therapy is so beneficial because the wavelengths associated with red light can stimulate the mitochondria in our cells to produce more energy. This extra boost of power in the mitochondria is the fundamental basis for why red light can provide such a wide range of benefits. We know that sunlight affects our bodies in positive ways, so it makes sense that other types of light could benefit us as well.


Blue Light vs. Red Light


In today’s world, not only are we spending less time in the natural sunlight, but we are spending even more time in front of blue light or artificial light. Just as our bodies respond positively to some lights, they can react negatively to other types of light as well. This is why it is so important to understand what different types of light do to your body. When the sun goes down, it is now normal to turn on televisions, computers, and cell phones to stare at until you fall asleep.


These devices produce blue light that throws off your body’s natural circadian rhythm when used in the evening. However, when used in the morning, they can actually activate your circadian rhythm. Being cognoscente of what type of light you are fueling your body with and at what time is an essential aspect of red light therapy. In fact, the highest concentration of natural red light occurs at sunrise and sunset, so those might be great times to introduce red light therapy into your schedule.


The Benefits


There are three major benefits that most people see from red light therapy. The first is enhanced collagen production. It seems that everyone that uses red light therapy, for whatever goal, finds that their skin improves significantly. Another huge benefit that has been found is that red light therapy can increase the speed of both muscle and injury recovery, leading to enhanced athletic performance. This benefit has led to many professional athletes using red light therapy as well. The third most common benefit also goes hand-in-hand with athletic performance – joint pain, and inflammation.


Many studies have shown that red light therapy significantly reduces joint pain and inflammation by enhancing our immune system to better fight off inflammation in a very natural way. Other benefits include increased cognitive health, improved hormone balances, and even impact dysfunctional or cancerous cells negatively, which is exciting for future cancer research advancements.


Diving Deeper


Red light therapy is a very easy benefit to add to your everyday schedule and can have a tremendous effect on your life. From better skin to increased cognitive health, this therapy is worth giving a try. If you want to hear more about red light therapy, I dive deep into the topic on my YouTube Channel. You can watch E 24 | Heal Your Body With Red Light Therapy.


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