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Biohacking your Brain

The Problem With Neurotoxins 


One of the most significant problems our brain can face are hidden neurotoxins. The most common neurotoxin symptoms are brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, joint pain, and chronic pain. Neurotoxins can drive chronic conditions. Plus, toxins can show up in every patient differently. A lot of times, patients will think their symptoms are from just getting older. News flash, it’s not normal to lose your memory at forty. If your parents lost their memory, that doesn’t mean you will lose your memory. How you are living your life will turn your genes on and off.


Laser Therapy 


Lights can heal; you can treat the brain with lasers. The use of lasers can remedy brain fog and recall. If you laser your brain for ten days, it can fix those issues. Lasers have been around since 1960 and have been used medically since 1962. Every cell in our body will respond to light; that’s why the sun is so healthy for us. The cells are longing for light. Light can be utilized in the same way that food and medicine are used.


The main thing lasers do is increase energy production in our cells. We used to think that the nucleus caused disease. However, we realized that disease is happening in the mitochondria. In fact, the mitochondria will control the cell. You can send light to the cell and repair the mitochondria – it’s a crazy powerful biohack. What’s happening is called cellular regeneration.


The Infrared Sauna 


Infrared saunas have a lot of incredible health benefits on your brain; it’s a major biohack. The infrared sauna is better than a steam sauna because it will heat you up from the inside out. It’s the same way that the sun will heat us up. Infrared saunas will heat your core. Fevers are actually significant for our bodies because it will give us an immense amount of energy after. When the fever burns out the infection, it will also repair the cells and give you holistic pain relief. An infrared sauna will do something similar. After a visit to the infrared sauna, people will notice that their fingernails and hair grow faster. 




Doing stressful exercises does not reduce your stress levels. Our performance will actually go down when we are stressed out. You want to have a more rhythmic exercise to lower stress. If you’re a competitive swimmer and you’re stressed out, then you should swim at a light workout. When stressed, it should be a relaxing exercise. The stress from exercise will translate to stress in the brain. The true gift is to give yourself loving exercise that feels good. You should get your body moving to biohack your brain. 




BrainTapping is a quick biohack that will help you relax, reset, and reinvigorate your brain. If you had a traumatic experience, your brain would go haywire. We can retrain our brain by introducing a new path. The way we introduce a new path is through patterns. Our brain will pick up patterns subconsciously way before we realize it. BrainTapping will train your brain through patterns. None of us have the skills to relax; no one teaches it, and frankly, not many people understand how to do it. The BrainTap will encourage the meditative resting state at a subconscious level. It sends protons into the eyes and ears. Then, the red blood cells will absorb the protons. This biohack allows healing to occur and guides your mind from a reactionary state into an intuitive state.


Watch E 6 | Tools For Biohacking Your Brain – Interview with Dr. Chris Molda 


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Dear Family Life Wellness Community,

It’s with incredible sadness that I bring you the news that as of Friday September 16, 2022 our clinic will officially close. As you can imagine, this decision was not an easy one to make. There has been a tremendous amount of soul searching and thoughtful processing that has gone into this moment. Taking in the considerations of everyone has been a top priority for me as I have navigated this tough decision.

Here’s the first thing I want you to know-you are loved. For the past twenty-six years so many of you have brought your families to our clinic weekly for health, inspiration and community. Please know that I have taken that responsibility as an incredible honor. My team and I have been so blessed to watch your kids grow up, celebrate your wins with you, and cry with you as you’ve moved through turbulent times in your lives. One of the hardest parts of this moment is that we won’t be connected with you in that same way. Know that although our clinic will not operate as it has for the past two decades, our hearts are still connected to you and your families.

As new career opportunities have emerged for me, I want you to know that my passion for chiropractic has never died. I feel so strongly that every human on this planet needs chiropractic care. I personally continue to get weekly adjustments, and hope that you will do the same. To make this transition as smooth as possible we have a list of amazing chiropractors that I have personally reached out to and will welcome you with loving arms. I can tell you with certainty you will get amazing care at any of these clinics. Please lean into them. As far as the biohacking center goes, for now that part of our clinic will be closed as well. New solutions for our space are being explored, but until we have something concrete there will be no biohacking . Lastly, I want to give my deepest gratitude to Dana. She has been the heart of our community for the past decade. I could not have run this practice without her. Yet, I am so excited for her as she has an incredible career opportunity that has presented itself.  As my heart is heavy in making this decision, what fills me with joy is the beautiful life she will be stepping into. A life she greatly deserves.

My practice has never been just a business. It’s been a family. Thank you for entrusting us with your health. It truly will go down as the greatest honor of my life. As far as what’s next, of course there needs to be a celebration. One in which we can gather one last time as a community. Please stay tuned to the exact date of that celebration.

From Dana, myself, and Dr. Tri please know that we believe in you. We know what a miraculous body you are living in and that extraordinary health is a choice you get to step into everyday. We will always be in your front row cheering you on.
With gratitude, love , and a huge hug,
Dr. Mindy
Great chiropractors to connect to:
Dr. T.J. Osborne, D.C.
Discover Chiropractic
1305 N. Bascom Ave #C
San Jose, CA 95128
amazing adjustor (he’s my chiro)
huge heart
great family practice & close to our clinic
Dr. Samantha Jennings, D.C
1314 Lincoln Ave#1F
San Jose, CA 95125
used to be an associate in our clinic
does lots of muscle testing & applied kinesiology
great with muscles & sports injuries
Dr. Darla Parr, D.C
718 University Ave Ste 110
Los Gatos, CA 95032
I went to chiro school with her.
great with brain balancing & neurological symptoms
beautiful heart, warm upbeat personality, and a wonderful integrative clinic
Dr. Nicole & David Congragen, D.C.

Community Chiropractic
16375 Monterey St.Ste B
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
I also went to school with them
warm loving family practice
focus is on upper cervical care (call to ask more questions)