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Biohacking your Brain

The Problem With Neurotoxins 


One of the most significant problems our brain can face are hidden neurotoxins. The most common neurotoxin symptoms are brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, joint pain, and chronic pain. Neurotoxins can drive chronic conditions. Plus, toxins can show up in every patient differently. A lot of times, patients will think their symptoms are from just getting older. News flash, it’s not normal to lose your memory at forty. If your parents lost their memory, that doesn’t mean you will lose your memory. How you are living your life will turn your genes on and off.


Laser Therapy 


Lights can heal; you can treat the brain with lasers. The use of lasers can remedy brain fog and recall. If you laser your brain for ten days, it can fix those issues. Lasers have been around since 1960 and have been used medically since 1962. Every cell in our body will respond to light; that’s why the sun is so healthy for us. The cells are longing for light. Light can be utilized in the same way that food and medicine are used.


The main thing lasers do is increase energy production in our cells. We used to think that the nucleus caused disease. However, we realized that disease is happening in the mitochondria. In fact, the mitochondria will control the cell. You can send light to the cell and repair the mitochondria – it’s a crazy powerful biohack. What’s happening is called cellular regeneration.


The Infrared Sauna 


Infrared saunas have a lot of incredible health benefits on your brain; it’s a major biohack. The infrared sauna is better than a steam sauna because it will heat you up from the inside out. It’s the same way that the sun will heat us up. Infrared saunas will heat your core. Fevers are actually significant for our bodies because it will give us an immense amount of energy after. When the fever burns out the infection, it will also repair the cells and give you holistic pain relief. An infrared sauna will do something similar. After a visit to the infrared sauna, people will notice that their fingernails and hair grow faster. 




Doing stressful exercises does not reduce your stress levels. Our performance will actually go down when we are stressed out. You want to have a more rhythmic exercise to lower stress. If you’re a competitive swimmer and you’re stressed out, then you should swim at a light workout. When stressed, it should be a relaxing exercise. The stress from exercise will translate to stress in the brain. The true gift is to give yourself loving exercise that feels good. You should get your body moving to biohack your brain. 




BrainTapping is a quick biohack that will help you relax, reset, and reinvigorate your brain. If you had a traumatic experience, your brain would go haywire. We can retrain our brain by introducing a new path. The way we introduce a new path is through patterns. Our brain will pick up patterns subconsciously way before we realize it. BrainTapping will train your brain through patterns. None of us have the skills to relax; no one teaches it, and frankly, not many people understand how to do it. The BrainTap will encourage the meditative resting state at a subconscious level. It sends protons into the eyes and ears. Then, the red blood cells will absorb the protons. This biohack allows healing to occur and guides your mind from a reactionary state into an intuitive state.


Watch E 6 | Tools For Biohacking Your Brain – Interview with Dr. Chris Molda 


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