What is Chiropractic Care

Spinal care is a natural means of creating optimal health and wellbeing, as well as addressing symptoms and illness. The premise of chiropractic is built upon the idea that physical, emotional, and chemical stress damages our nervous systems and robs the body of its innate healing capabilities. Once the nervous system has been damaged, signals of stress get sent to the brain in the form of symptoms such as insomnia, pain, fatigue, anxiety, frequent colds, allergies, hormone imbalance, gut dysbiosis, etc. Current research is now showing that chiropractic care is incredibly effective at rebalancing the nervous system.

Helping the body thrive

A recent study out of New Zealand showed that one chiropractic adjustment improved blood flow to the prefrontal cortex by 30% within minutes of the adjustment. The prefrontal cortices is the part of the brain that controls thoughts of possibility, hope, and logical thinking. Other studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments can boost the adaptive immune system, increasing your body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses.

Our unique approach

In our office we use cutting-edge technology to evaluate the physical, emotional, and chemical damage that has been endured by your nervous system and spine. Using that information we create a chiropractic care plan is customized to the unique stressors.

Corrective and brain based spinal care provides safe, specific correction that restores the natural position of the spine, enhancing brain function, calming and connecting the nervous system, and activating the body’s ability to defy disease and thrive.

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