Microbiome: The Key To Your Health

Mood Disorders


We are destroying our microbiome through our farming industry. The human brain is directly connected to our gut. Any stress that happens in the gut will translate to stress in the brain. This correlation also works in reverse. If your brain is stressed, then your gut will too be stressed. So, if you’re suffering from a mood disorder, it’s time to start eating organic foods. Take ION*Gut Health (formerly Restore for gut health), a gut-strengthening, brain-boosting mineral supplement sourced from 60-million-year-old soil that naturally supports microbiome balance.


Microbial Intelligence


Microbial intelligence from the soil can reverse our poor gut health. We should diversify our gut culture, the exact opposite of what probiotics set out to do. If you’re taking probiotics, your gut will have a monoculture rather than a diverse array of bacteria. No probiotic works to diversify your flora. Plus, staying on a probiotic is just as bad as staying on antibiotics. If we give the back the communication network between the species, we will find balance in our gut. Adding microbial intelligence from the soil will give back the wireless network of  communication to our microbiome.


Let Your Body Heal Itself


We need to reconnect our cells to their intrinsic capacity to heal. It doesn’t matter if you have cancer, heart disease, or mood disorders. You have all the machinery to repair it. The only time we see disease emerge is when there is a failure of communication. We need to learn from this and start to integrate information technology to connect humans with their microbiome. To do this you can start taking ION*Gut Health. It’s a daily supplement designed to support the protection of the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract against common toxins found in our food and environment, including herbicides in our food supply.

Teaching Future Generations


Our kids should be taught how to grow a plant. They should also learn how to get plants growing in communication. Later on, they need to study the senses of complex micro-ecosystems and how they create intelligence in human beings. First, we need to change the farming industry. 46% of our children should not have a chronic disease. Soon, 1/3 children will have autism. This population will not be as productive as they can be. However, when we support our autistic children’s health, they are the biggest out-of-the-box thinkers that have ever existed.  


No More GMOs


Famers are trapped against their will to grow genetically modified crops. We need to teach GMO farmers how to make their own economy and be independent with food production. Farmers Footprint is a way for consumers to plug back in directly to our food producers. These farmers want to grow real food. Eight thousand farms are going out of business each year in the United States. We are losing millions of acres every year. Unfortunately, we aren’t even selling that land to Americans. Most of it is being sold to international conglomerates. We don’t need GMO crops to feed humans. 90% of the land in Kansas grows GMO crops. Yet, 90% of the food consumed in Kansas is imported to the state – they don’t even grow their own food! It’s time to educate your community about regenerative agriculture and Farmer’s Footprint: https://farmersfootprint.us. 


Watch E 10 | Your Microbiome Holds the Key to Your Health and Happiness – Interview with Dr. Zach Bush.

Get ION*Gut Health: https://zachbushmd.com/zbmd-shop/


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