BrainTapping to Relax, Reboot, and Revitalize

BrainTapping is a quick and easy way to relax, reset, and reinvigorate by merely enhancing your brain’s peak potential whenever you need it. BrainTapping is backed by neuroscience; it is proven to benefit people who experience stress, lack of sleep, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges. The way BrainTapping works is by guiding your mind from an awake, reactionary state into an intuitive, creative phase, then healing can occur. The outcome is a heightened state of consciousness with a clear focus.


How does it work?


BrainTapping creates a symphony of brainwave activity through programs that merely calm or soothe. Eventually, you will find a natural balance so you can feel relaxed, rebooted, and revitalized. So, how can we use what’s already out there and available? Not only does BrainTapping utilize sound, but it also creates gentle light pulses that guide your brain into extraordinary states.


Energy Is Key


We are all born with a bank account of energy. Some people keep borrowing their power until the bank forecloses. What can we do? The BrainTap will send protons into the eye. The light barely makes it past the eyelids, but the red blood cells will absorb the protons. If we can do this in the morning and the evening, we can rest our body’s biome. BrainTapping provides light that is extra healing in the morning for our energy levels.


Light In The Ears


BrainTap also utilizes light in the ears. Your skin has loads of receptors on it; it’s the most significant sensory organ. That stress you hold onto will show up in your skin. We want to run energy through the body. During BrainTapping, your ears will get warm because there is a backup of energy. The pressure in our ears is so intense – that’s why it’s a great place to do blood doping. So the hemoglobin will absorb the proton, and it will circulate through the body. BrainTapping will measure what your nervous system is doing.


Get More Deep Sleep


Most people are not getting enough deep sleep. When your brain is cleaning, then you’re offline. What happens when we are in a deep sleep is that our nervous system gets to rest. If you never reach deep sleep, then it’s like your body has been idling all night long. Then when you wake-up, you’ll feel extra tired, and you need caffeine and carbs. The key to deep sleep is never setting your alarm. Then you can train your brain to wake-up gently. When you wake-up with an alarm clock, you are immediately in survival mode. Instead, you want to turn on your healing system. One way to do this is through fasting. However, you’ll want to reduce your stress in order to find the optimum results. BrainTapping provides wake-up and go-to-sleep programs to ensure you stay asleep throughout the night. Check it out HERE.


Positive Thoughts Only


If you have high delta when you’re awake, then it is like running through life with a parachute behind you. The brain isn’t just in your head, but your heart communicates with your mind. Also, your gut has more cells than your brain. When your brain, heart, and gut communicate well, then there is infinite flow and energy. As soon as you start to think negative thoughts, it will drain your system’s energy. If you do something that you love, it will give you strength and bring you joy. Our energy system is much more valuable than our hormonal system. Remember, positive thoughts only. 


Watch the YouTube Video E 29 | Brain Tap – Interview with Dr. Patrick Porter.


Learn more about BrainTapping HERE! 

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