Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

I bet you have loads of questions about supplements! Here are some things people have been asking me about them:


How do you pick supplements?


Supplements can bring unique substances that come from around the globe. You are unlikely to be grazing on eight-hundred herbs from the grocery store or the garden. Supplements can bring a plethora of herbs that are medicinal by nature. Herbs can affect our body’s output and communicate with our cells. Partnering the herbs with nutrients will influence the body’s cellular nature even more. You want to use a supplement that has components to it that you are not eating in your daily life. What’s your goal? Find supplements that will do a beautiful job at accomplishing your goals.  


How do you know if the company is ethical? 


You are going to have to create a relationship with that company. Ask questions to that company and see how they respond. Ask if the company has a great relationship with their supplier. Plus, the company should be testing their products and their raw materials. How are they testing for heavy metals? Knowing that they test for heavy metals isn’t enough. Ask about how many heavy metals the company accepts in their products. What is the standard that they are using? It could be a game changer for the safety of their products. 


How do you know if your supplements are dangerous?


There is some worry around vagueness like “natural flavors” and “natural colors.” It doesn’t mean it is bad, sometimes companies will just run out of room. However, it can also mean that company doesn’t want to tell people what is in it. Whenever you read an ingredient that is so complicated then it’s worth researching. Sometimes it’s natural and beautiful compounds. However, there are other long words that are just chemicals. Lastly, plastics in products should worry you. 


How do you know if they are working?


Supplements should be built to have an effect as soon as possible. Nutrition combined with herbs will target a particular cause. That way, it works so much more effectively. Instead of getting a stand-alone pill, use a supplement that has a full recipe. Vitamin D is everywhere! Instead of taking vitamin D alone, look at a supplement that has a blend. When you put it together with herbs then you maximize the ability of the supplement to go into your body rather than aimlessly taking a megadose of supplements.


Should you take supplements while fasting? 


Some vitamins are not easily absorbed while others have a complex mechanism. If your food is high in high-binding substances like plant or protein then you may slow down absorption. Using food or not food is a way to control absorption levels. Try the supplement on an empty stomach, with a light meal, or with a full meal. That way you can see what works best for you. For those of us who do fasting, you might be able to train your body to take supplements in the fasted state. 


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