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Infrared Sauna: Detox Benefits

An infrared sauna will heat the cells from the inside out. It will burn out infections and toxins. Plus, it gets your body ready to repair damaged cells quickly and tap into your natural intelligence. Infrared is one of the wavelengths that comes from the sun; you feel it from heat – just like when you’re laying out at the beach.


Traditional Saunas


Many people ask, can you get the same benefits from a traditional sauna? Infrared saunas are a lot cooler than a traditional sauna. When you sweat in a traditional sauna, it’s surface level – the heat isn’t going deep. Plus, it’s so hot that you won’t be able to stay in it long enough to get the benefits. Secondly, it’s not going to warm you up to the core – it’s just a convectional heat. It’s dangerous! If you have heart problems, circulation problems, or autoimmune problems, it can be harsh on your system. However, when you warm yourself up from the core; many health benefits cascade from it. Infrared is 130 degrees, and our body will absorb the infrared – it actually will raise your core temperature.


The Benefits of Infrared Saunas


Saunas are going to help with heart problems because it will lower blood pressure. When you raise your core temperature, your heart will start to beat faster to cool itself down. When you do that, you’ll improve your circulation, and you will get a deep sweat. Some studies show the sweat from an infrared sauna is 80% water and 20% toxins. If you’re doing a heavy metal detox, an infrared sauna will help open up your detox pathways. Otherwise, the toxins will stay in our bodies despite detoxing. Toxins can be removed faster when you sweat, especially in an infrared sauna.


Holistic Pain Relief


Infrared saunas are also great for holistic pain relief. It will improve your cardiovascular system while you’re in a parasympathetic state. While you improve your circulation, it will go to areas where you have inflammation and pain and help you reduce those issues. That way, you can stay away from medications and over the counter pills. People are finally waking up to the opioid crisis; however, what will people use to treat their chronic pain? Well, you can detox your metals and get into the infrared sauna to have a massive impact on your pain levels.


Improving Depression


Using infrared saunas will help with depression. If you have an injury that is not healing, it will make you go crazy. As you reduce pain, you are improving circulation to the brain and reducing depression. That way, people can get off their medications. Once people are in a better mindset, they have a better outlook. Plus, you’ll be able to deal with problems in an effective way.


Stimulating Parasympathetic


We are in our sympathetic all the time – it’s almost like drinking Red Bull all day long. When you get to a place where you can switch to your parasympathetic system, your body can heal and recover. In the infrared sauna, you are relaxed during a passive cardiovascular workout. Take time to let your body relax and heal – there are both physical and mental benefits from this. If you want to learn more about Infrared Saunas, I dive deep into the topic on my YouTube Channel. You can watch E 26 | The Detox Benefits of Infrared Sauna.


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