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How Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy Can Help With EMF Exposure

EMF exposure causes an inflammatory NO-/ONOO cycle. This cycle is thought to cause such diseases as chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and a large number of other chronic inflammatory diseases. There is a lot of special interests that don’t want this information to get out there widespread. However, there is clear evidence of damage in the body from EMF. So, how do you optimize the healing environment in your home? 


Preventing Exposure In The House


  1. EMF Blocking Paint: One way to protect your home is by using EMF blocking paint. The paint is highly effective in blocking high-frequency EMF as well as low-frequency radio fields and microwaves.
  2. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi Router: You don’t need the internet while you’re sleeping. Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night to prevent unnecessary EMF exposure. A great way to do this is by plugging your router into a programmable outlet timer.
  3. Unplug Electronics: You also do not need other electronics plugged in while you’re sleeping. Pull things out of the outlets before you go to bed. 
  4. Reflect Wireless Signals: If you get any type of cell phone reception in your house, you will have exposure. Use a shielding fabric over the window to block the frequencies from outside. It’s a silver and cotton-based material to shield your family from wireless and electric fields. You can find shielding fabrics HERE.
  5. Use Airplane Mode: Airplane mode works wonders. It’s much better than any shielding device you can buy for the phone. When your phone is in airplane mode, it stops sending out wireless EMF radiation.
  6. Sleep in a Shielded Space: Make sure your kids are sleeping in a shielded room from EMF radiation. Set up their space so they can heal every night. That way, their bodies can heal during nighttime.
  7. Grab a Meter: When you have an ESI 24 Meter, you can determine where the EMF radiation is coming from. It measures three types of EMF SIMULTANEOUSLY and has a higher sensitivity setting for RF that includes sound so you can hear the frequencies. You can find the ESI 24 Meter HERE.

Utilizing PEMF 


PEMF, also known as “pulse therapy,” energizes the body by applying soothing pulsed electromagnetic stimulation. The depletion of electrical energy from the body is the root cause of the general decline in wellbeing. Imagine having a charging station for your cells; that’s precisely what PEMF does!


The PULSE® PEMF provides the body with energy sources that enhance cells’ functionality and help the body repair and rebuild naturally. Cells use the pulse current to take in essential nutrients, excrete waste and toxins, and communicate with other cells. Thus, reducing cellular dysfunction.


PEMF is FDA approved to heal non-union fractures, urinary incontinence, and muscle stimulation for cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion, treatment of depression and anxiety, and brain treatment cancer. Plus, it’s a great tool to fight the constant barrage of EMFs that we get.


Watch my interview with Brian Hoyer about Protecting Your Family From EMF Exposure and 5G Influx.

Learn more about PEMF HERE

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