What kind of chiropractor is Dr. Mindy?2019-10-21T15:05:41+00:00
How do I become a New Patient?2019-04-24T08:45:20+00:00
Can I just come into the Reset Room?2019-04-24T08:45:13+00:00
Can I just have one adjustment?2019-04-24T08:45:06+00:00
How much is your new patient fee?2019-04-24T08:44:55+00:00
Do you take insurance?2019-04-24T08:44:48+00:00
I don’t live near you, how can I still be a patient?2019-04-24T08:44:40+00:00
I love all the knowledge, where can I learn more?2019-04-24T08:44:32+00:00